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About Us
Founded in 1978, Guangzhou Sanxin Metal Technology Co., Ltd. is China's earlier professional company who research and develop of high frequency induction heating equipment, super audio quenching equipment, electromagnetic induction heater (high frequency, medium frequency), CNC quenching professional machine. MORE…
Application Cases
Non-standard products
Plasma spray
HVOF spray
Arc spray
Metal thermal spray
High frequency induction equipment
Super audio quenching equipment
Electromagnetic induction heater
CNC quenching machine
High frequency heating equipment company
Application Examples 中频电炉
Shaft Quenching
Inner Hole Quenching
Tensile Annealing
Continuous Hot Forging
Blade Quenching
Turning Tools Welding
Thin Blade Quenching
High Frequency Pipe Welding
Industry News Super Audio quenching equipment
Technical Support Electromagnetic induction heater
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Energy saving alteration of high frequen... 2012/8/20
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Characteristics of electromagnetic induc... 2011/12/14
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CNC quenching machine principle 2011/11/21
Products 中频透热电炉
High Frequency / Super Audio
Induction Equipment
Ultra High Frequency
Induction Equipment
Medium Frequency
Induction Equipment
Medium Frequency
Vacuum Melting Furnace
Air-cooled Induction
SCR Medium Frequency
Induction Equipment
Quenching Machine
Industrial Chiller
Closed Cooling Tower
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